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The Passion of Negative Emotions

A negative feeling is not a bad thing… it’s a sign… a sign, Which would like to show, that you are walking in the wrong direction. So, in that moment, when you realize, that a negative feeling is just a sign, you don’t have to be afraid or angry or something like that. From this moment, you are aware, that any kind of feelings, good and bad, are very helpful for to, to find your own personal way. So, if there is popping up a negative emotion or feeling, say thank you to this feeling… thanks, for showing me, that I’m going in the wrong direction. And then you can turn to the left or right or to the opposite direction… whatever feels best for you. Be grateful for any kind of feelings… they are only signs… like traffic signs on your personal way of life.


Clean your:


 > Living Food (for your mouth)

 > Rawcipes (modern creative raw vegan food under 42°)

 > Edible Plants (for free)


 > Positive Thoughts – healthy food for your brain

 >> The passion of negative emotions


 > Live Lovely Relationships with Humans, all kind of Animals and Nature

> Live your Passion for a better world – do what you LOVE


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