Edible Plants

There are many edible wild plants and flowers in New Zealand. The most common that you will find in nature and many gardens are:

  • boar thistle – sow thistle
  • borage – star-shaped white and blue flowers available from October to April – a perfect addition to any salad and soup.
  • buckhorn – ribgrass
  • chickweed
  • cleavers – catchweed
  • dandelion – young yellow flowers are sweeter than older flowers
  • daisy leaves – high in Vitmamin C – they are closely related to artichoke
  • geranium
  • ground ivy – gill over the ground
  • Hibiscus flowers are not only a nice decoration, but they are also delicious in salads and raw foods. Discover all the tastiest hibiscus fresh edible flowers
  • mariegold – also known as calendula – bright orange flowers
  • nasturtium / indian cress – have a peppery taste
  • rocket – white yellow edible flowers and salad
  • rose petals – if a rose smells good, it will taste good
  • sorrel
  • vetchling
  • white cistus – tea for lyme disease




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