Raw Vegan Cafés in New Zealand

Auckland – Taupo – Kapiti Coast – Wellington – Nelson – Christchurch

There are a lot of cafes and restaurants in New Zealand where one can get a raw vegan breakfast, lunch or dinner. Little Bird, Auckland – The Raw Kitchen, Auckland – Raw Balance, Taupo – Raw Planet Kapiti Coast (Raw Food & Juice Bar) – seize in Wellington – raw vegan options – The Kitchen in Nelson – raw food options – Alberta’s in Mapua Wharf – raw food options – Rawmazing QueenstownRaw Food business / catering – Make it Raw Christchurch

For more information click here: Raw / Vegan Cafés

Raw Vegan Organic Journeys & Retreats

Waiheke Island – Raglan – Huka Falls – Nelson

Huka Lodge Wellness Retreat with Megan May – Taupo, Huka Falls; Luminate Festival in Nelson (raw and vegan options, organic); Yoga-Solscape in Raglan (raw options, vegan, permaculture, organic); Higher Dimension Journeys & Retreats on Waiheke Island (raw vegan breakfast, body work, reiki, golden beaches, nice walking trails).

For more information click here: Journeys & Retreats

Edible Plants and Wild Flowers

Raw Organic Goodness – over 150 recipes

There are many edible wild plants and flowers in New Zealand. The most common that you will find in nature and many gardens are: milk thistle – cleanse the liver; borage – star-shaped white and blue flowers; dandelion – yellow flowers; daisy leaves – high in Vitmamin C; geraniumground ivy; hibiscus flowersmariegold – also known as calendula; nasturtium / indian cress – have a peppery taste; rocketrose petalssorrelvetchlingwhite cistus etc.

For more information click: Edible Wild Plants


Raw Vegan Raw Foodies from New Zealand

A SuperheRaw is a person how is doing a heart business and who is following a raw food diet (dietary practice of eating only, or mostly, unprocessed, uncooked or unbaked foods.

For more information click: SuperheRaws New Zealand

The Unbakery Recipe Book

Raw Organic Goodness – over 150 recipes

Unbelievably delicious plant-based food. Unadulterated. Uncooked. The Unbakery is a treasure trove of more than 150 ideas for raw plant-based food so yummy you won’t miss that it’s not cooked. From Mexican Tacos with Chimichurri and Salsa to a heavenly – and yes, good for you! – Blueberry Cheesecake, here are inspirational recipes for incorporating more fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet. All recipes are free from gluten, dairy and cane sugar; all are achievable, unfussy and seriously delicious. Get back to nature and enjoy beautiful plant-based food, uncooked. Megan May is the chef/owner and creator, along with architect husband Jeremy, of the award-winning cafes Little Bird Organics and The Unbakery in Auckland, New Zealand.

For more information click here: The Unbakery

Shops with raw food products

Raw Vegan Organic


For more information click here: Raw Food Online-Shops


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