Raw Vegan in Parawdise

Check out one of my New Zealand videos about a healthy raw vegan organic and economical lifestyle. It’s in german language, but you can turn on english subtitles. Enjoy and have fun!


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Raw Vegan Cashew Cheese

Timbuktu – Waiheke


Delicious little French style, mould ripened cheeses, gluten free,  dairy free. Its hard to believe that these cheeses are made from a nut – tiny little explosions of flavour for vegetarians, vegans and lovers of interesting cheese. Plus tangy, fresh cheeses – just nuts and billions of dairy free probiotics;  hand-crafted to produce  creamy soft rounds of cheese. – Producer from Auckland: crescentcashewnutcheese.com

Raw Coconut Kefir

This is a great NZ product! Anita Baldwin is a wonderful person and healed two of her children of Autism… with raw coconut kefir. thekefircompany.co.nz

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