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I have rent a five years old car from Apex for two month (28 NZD per day) about 180,000 km. Everything went very well, so I decided to rent a car for another three months. But the second car rental turned to the worth within the first days. This is my email I wrote to the Apex office. Hope we will find a solution.

“Good Day! I have rent a car in Christchurch for 3 months and yesterday on Friday, 17 Jan I picked up the car in Christchurch CityToday, one day later, I parked the car in a parking area at Victoria Park Cashmere (Victoria Park Road – Dog exercise area). A lot of other cars where parked there, so it was not lonely. But some thieves were going around between 4.30 – 5.30 pm and  destroyed the side window of some cars… also of my car.  I had no valuables in the car, just some food, so I was wondering who destroy cars for food?
But if this is not bad enough I gave a call to your Apex office in Christchurch. They asked me to come to Apex Airport so that we can change the car.
In the office they told me that they have to charge my credit card with NZD 2,000. I was surprised because I was thinking I only have to pay 2,000 damages fee for the fully comprehensive insurance. I didn’t realise that I have to pay in the event of theft or vandalism or if it’s not my fault.
Another thing is: to change the side window is not really a big deal. It will probably costs something around NZD 200. But the Apex office woman said she had to charge my credit card the full amount of NZD 2,000 – that means ten times more?
I was not really happy about it, but what should I do in this situation….
After all, the Apex-woman asked me to sign another contract for the swapped car and if it happens again (something like a theft or a damage) I have to pay another NZD 2,000.
I was absolutely sure this must be a mistake, because my contract says I only have to pay for the first NZD 2,000.
But unfortunately the woman at the Apex Christchurch office was so incredible unfriendly that it was not possible to find a solution.
She said I don’t will get a swapped car so I had to drive home with the car with the broken side window… and it was Saturday evening… all repair stations are closed during the weekend.
Furthermore this unfriendly woman told me, that I can change the side window by myself and have to pay for it, but they also will charge the NZD 2,000.
Sorry, but this is absolutely weird. I asked the woman fo do a refund of the NZD 2,000, if I have to manage, fix and pay for the damage by myself, but this woman said, that will not happen.
And she was rather rude and load.
Really, that was too much for me…
I can’t believe how Apex deal with their customers and that Apex has this improper business practices. I’m absolutely shocked.
Sorry to say that, but is this the kiwi way????
I never have had such a terrible situation with a car rental company in my whole life and I travel a lot since more than 30 years. I rent cars all over the world, but this was the worst, more than that.
I’m absolutely not happy with all of that and I don’t would like to drive the car for the next three month. I hope you understand it and I hope we will find a good solution to bringt it to an end very shortly.
Kind regards…”

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Mein Autovermieter Apex habe ich einen günstigen Mietwagen gebucht. Solange mit dem Auto nichts ist, alles super! Als mein Auto jedoch von Dieben aufgebrochen wurde, bekam ich sehr viel Probleme mit Apex. Ein Erfahrungsbericht folgt in Kürze.

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